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Make room for pleasure

Make room for ROCKS – Zone Denmark’s new collection of beautiful crystal glasses and bold design items for the home bar. Women have taken over the shaker and are serving delicious cocktails and low-key drinks, accompanied by tapas and lounge music. They want good taste – in the glass and in their interior decorating – and ROCKS delivers both. Working with award-winning Danish designers, we’ve given items like the jigger, muddler and shaker a soft makeover, with right-on details. So ROCKS is good design that will blend into any minimalist interior – even among stylish home furnishing bloggers. It offers the tools to satisfy the most critical bartender. And a range of crystal glasses that will convince you there’s a world of difference when you serve a drink or cocktail in the right glass..

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The purest scent of well-being

INU is about the everyday luxury of being in the present moment - in the shape of self-indulgence inspired by the calm, balance and sensuality of Scandinavian bath and sauna culture. An attractive design, soft textiles and delightfully delicate scents for a well-deserved break from the stresses of everyday life – a whispered invitation to spoil your senses and enjoy the moment.

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Our new collection of individual products.
Characterized by potent design and a colourful vibe, ready to create impact.
Truly a breath of fresh air.

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SUII - Japanese trends for the bathroom

SUII is Zone Denmark’s glossy new bathroom range sporting innovative design and giving consumers a whole new way of playing with style in the bathroom.
SUII introduces an attractive high-gloss look in thermo plastic material that brings together the stringency of Japanese minimalism with the softness of Danish design. The result is contemporary, exclusive styling to captivate the eye and refresh this category. 

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