Opposites meet and new thinking and strange ideas arise in the interplay between Mavro and Lefèvre. Mette Mavro and Sofie Lefèvre are a duo who share a passion for good design and functional details as the main ingredients in their calculated solutions. Exciting and often untraditional solutions that are conceived and born, and that mature in an old perfume factory in Christianshavn in Copenhagen.

Mette Mavro brings with her a creative background from the music industry with design as a parallel occupation and a burning desire for interior design and décor. Her unimaginable knowledge and curiosity brought her together with Sofie Lefèvre who has a Masters degree in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art in London.

“Our different backgrounds are one of our strengths, contributing to a huge wealth of ideas because we think in different ways. But at the same time, we both know when we’ve nailed it,” Sofie Lefèvre explains. 

“The hairs rise on the back of your neck when the idea emerges… That’s when you really know there’s meaning in what you are doing.”

During the process, Mette Mavro and Sofie Lefèvre put themselves in the user’s situation. 

“We put on our user hats during the process and try things ourselves. We observe and analyse people,” Mette Mavro explains. “If it’s a case that requires several products, we ask questions such as how the products relate to each other, and where they will “live” when they are not in use.”

Sofie Lefèvre adds that they think very much about integration. “For example, we take a good look at how the users interact with the products in order to complete an action. Take the little herb and spice scissors that are part of our Herb & Sprout series. The scissors are designed to hang on one of the herb pots, always within hands reach. This is how we think a lot about integration and design products that are functional and easy to use. This is an existential part of our process.” 
In the same way, the two designers like to play with contrasts and introduce visual or functional sur-
prises in their otherwise minimalistic design styles. For example, the groove or recess that appears “sharp” in relation to the round and soft design that characterises the Herb & Sprout concept. 

“We like the unpredictable, while we focus on crea-ting an experience of being close to Nature with the Herb & Spice series – reinforced by the use of na-tural materials. It’s the contrasts and sudden realisations we want the user to experience and, hopefully, appreciate.”