Tilde Nygaard is not the kind of designer who just churns out ideas. Her ideas take time. Extremely attentive to detail, she is also insistent that all her designs must offer both aesthetic and functional value.

“I don’t like to talk about perfection or excellence, but I always do my best. That’s the least you can do.”

Her approach involves working on several products at a time. While dividing her time between different projects, it allows her to try out different ideas and details. “Often synergies emerge, and while working on one product, I may come up with ideas and solutions for another,” Tilde explains. Tilde Nygaard is extremely attentive to detail, for example when it comes to the way in which a metal wire ends or the edge of a glass is rounded. Not to mention the colours, “– I think about colour all the time and see colour combinations everywhere. It’s part of my way of perceiving the world, and something that I use in my work. And when the designs in themselves are simple in style, the colours and the details play a huge role. 

Tilde attaches a lot of value to things she surrounds herself with. This also goes for her own products. “I need to feel my designs, before I let go of them. Quality and functionality are, of course, important, but if a product appeals to the senses and touches you in some way, you will invariably feel much more attached to it. My main ambition is to design products which are long-lasting, and which become a functional and aesthetic part of people’s homes and everyday lives. If I succeed in doing that, then my work is done,” concludes Tilde.