One moment he is sitting there, letting his fingers feel the textuality of the mug in his hands. Suddenly he stops, his gaze settling on a table lamp at the other end of the room. Thomas Dudzinski passionately inhales impressions. He is working.

Throw out the garnish;  let clean lines speak their own, clear language.  Putting on and adding is  easy, but pure simplicity tells the most powerful story.

“My inspiration comes from what I see and experience in the urban landscape, in cafés, while travelling, in magazines, on the internet, in fact everywhere where creative and artistic people make

 their mark. Scents, sounds and light are also good catalysts. I often sit and sketch to quick-start my brain. I let things simmer in the back of my head. It’s fantastic the help you can get from the subconscious. The hard part of the process is seizing the right idea and cultivating it, giving it strength and volume. I need to contain the essence and make it ready; give it a clear and clean expression,” Thomas Dudzinski relates with a riveting voice. “For me it’s about combining aesthetics with functionality. My preference is clearly for the Scandinavian and minimalistic approach. Throw out the garnish; let clean lines speak their own, clear language. Putting on and adding is easy, but pure simplicity tells the most powerful story,” Thomas Dudzinski states with conviction.

Thomas Dudzinski cultivated his enormous talent with the well-known Australian designer, Charles Wilson. At the same time, he likes to challenge himself and create designs that give the user an extraordinary experience. One of the ways he achieves this is by breaking with stereotypes, conceiving new production methods and experimenting with materials. “My ambition is to create beautiful, simple and honest designs with a strong character. I love to challenge materials, products and peoples’ behaviour,” Thomas Dudzinski concludes.