Zone Denmark goes to the bar

Now Zone Denmark is tempting women off the bar stool and letting them grab the cocktail shaker.
The new ROCKS bar concept is dedicated to fun-loving women of today, with a penchant for inviting colours and stylish design.

Zone Denmark

ROCKS ice bucket

The Danish design duo Mavro//Lèfevre is behind the supremely elegant stainless-steel ice bucket.

Like a melting ice cube, the square-shaped base morphs into a circular shape at the top.

Ending with a cover that ingeniously hides the ice tongs.

Zone Denmark Peili skåle til tapas

Zone Denmark Peili skål

ROCKS muddler

Exquisite muddler created by the Danish design duo Mavro//Lèfevre. Made of bamboo for a very comfortable grip.

The muddler features a citrus press at one end and grooves at the other. Makes light work of squeezing a few drops of fresh juice and mashing fruit and herbs for perfect drinks.

Zone Denmark Peili skåle til tapas

ROCKS jigger

Mix delicious drinks with this double jigger – a perfect match for the ROCKS barware designed by the Danish design duo Mavro//Lèfevre.

The jigger is made of stainless steel and measures out 2.5 and 5 cl.

Zone Denmark Peili skåle til tapas

ROCKS shaker

Shaker designed by Mavro//Lèfevre inspired by the sharp, yet soft shape of a melting ice cube.

The shaker is made of high-gloss stainless steel with an integrated filter under the lid.

Zone Denmark Peili skåle til tapas

Meet the designers behind ROCKS!

Mette Mavro and Sofie Lefèvre founded Mavro//Lefèvre in 2015. The driving force in their collaboration stems from their untraditional backgrounds in the music industry and a Masters degree in Innovation Design Engineering. Curiosity, tireless energy and the ability to keep a sharp focus on details are powerful forces that drive the designer duo forward – as demonstrated by ROCKS.